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A cleaver is a versatile and heavy-duty knife primarily used for cutting through bones and tough meat. It features a thick, wide blade and a sturdy, robust design. Here are some common uses for a cleaver:

  1. Bone Cutting: The primary purpose of a cleaver is to cut through bones. It is specifically designed for tasks such as splitting poultry, separating ribs, or chopping through large cuts of meat with bones.
  2. Meat Butchery: Cleavers are excellent tools for butchering meat. They can be used to break down large primal cuts into smaller, more manageable pieces, removing excess fat or sinew in the process.
  3. Vegetable Preparation: While cleavers are renowned for their bone-cutting capabilities, they can also be used for chopping and dicing vegetables. The wide blade allows for efficient and precise cutting of larger vegetables or hard-skinned produce like squash or melons.
  4. Smashing Garlic or Ginger: The broad side of a cleaver can be used to smash garlic cloves or ginger, making them easier to peel or release their flavors.