Sabatier K

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Legendary Sabatier-K Knives from France.

In 1834, the “Bellevue” Sabatiers added the initial “K” to their name to distinguish themselves from the “Moutier” Sabatiers. The “K” is an ancient Thiers mark that can be found in the town archives, engraved on the cutler’s Table d’Argent, dated 7 June 1813, number 231. This mark, with a long-standing reputation for outstanding dependability, still remains the sign of high-quality manufacturing.

All Sabatier K forged kitchen knives are fully forged from a single piece of metal (blade – bolster – tang) using Z50C13 steel.

The manufacturing is done exclusively in Thiers according to the traditional techniques that have made the world reputation of SABATIER AINÉ & PERRIER for more than 150 years.

All our forged knives are signed:
K Sabatier by Sabatier Aîné & Perrier

This is the guarantee of the prestigious past continued by the family tradition for eight generations in Bellevue.