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Spend And you can choose… Value
$100 – $250 Bib Apron Black Poly/Viscose 14.90 view
Knife Guard – 21.5 x 5cm Cooks Knife size by Club Chef 6.50 view
Knife Guard – 24 x 3cm Slicing Knife size by Club Chef 6.50 view
Knife Guard – 26.5 x 5cm Cooks Knife size by Club Chef 7.00 view
Measuring Cups Stainless Steel 7.90 view
Tongs S/S 23cm Heavy Duty 5.95 view
Whisk S/S Heavy Duty 9.90 view
$250 – $500 Bib Apron Pinstripe Black/White – Large by Club Chef 24.90 view
Club Chef Premium Boning Knife 15cm 29.90 view
Club Chef Premium Filleting Knife 21cm Flex 29.90 view
Combination Sharpening Stone 24.90 view
$500+ Club Chef Classic Forged Boning Knife 15cm  69.90 view
Club Chef Classic Forged Bread Knife 23cm 77.90 view
Club Chef Classic Forged Filleting Knife 74.90 view
$1,000+ Stico Clogs 119.90 view
Club Chef 4 Piece Premium Knife Set 117.60 view
Club Chef Classic Santoku Knife 18cm 99.90 view
Diamond Sharpening Steel 74.90 view

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